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The Culture of Superheroes

I always question why human beings enjoy what they do.

Why do we fascinate and focus on sports as entertainment?

Why do we love superheroes so much??

Watching the trailer for Krypton, a new television show about DC comics Superman’s grandfather fighting for his planet, and the newly released Avengers: Infinity War a crossover of three different film franchises in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Dr. Strange, The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy)  we have to think about why people are entertained by these types of things.

Why do we keep making these movies and why do we keep consuming them?

There is a really interesting element of superhero films that develops people (actors) into these phenomenal powerful beings who, in fact, are not us. They are superhuman and sometimes alien and always unimaginably powerful.

For people, watching men fly and kick and punch and defeat a foe that attempts to destroy the world we know, we are reassured that humans have power and have control.

I’m saying, at the heart of it all, our human psyche, we are all control freaks in a way. We want the good guys to win, and we want a good story.

We want to watch violence and terror, so long as we aren’t the ones receiving it. Is it innate? Or is it cultural?


We may never, as humans, have the power and influence that Steve Rogers has to become Captain America. We may never be as smart as Tony Stark and craft Iron Man out of an idea. We don’t need to right now. What we need, right now, is to start taking control of our own life, and doing things with it that “save the day.” Save the day for someone else, or for yourself, but try your best to be super, instead of just watching other people do it.