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who I want to be

I want to be someone who wakes up early to greet the day.

I want to watch sunrises not to take a picture but to stand in glory of the earth.

I want to bake bread and cookies and a birthday cake.

I want to be someone who gets good grades and has friendships that are meaningful and intentional and impactful.

I want to have a sense of style or fashion or something that compells me to not just throw on a t shirt aimlessly.

I want to listen to lots of music, on high quality headphones.

I want to contact friends and let them know how loved they are.

I want to get good sleep, and not be afraid of the noise outside my window.
I want to listen and truly hear. I want to talk and be heard. I want noise to mean something. And I want to be grateful for silences.

Maybe this is who I want to be. Maybe it’s not who I need to be.

I’ll just have to try.


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