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My goal for this year, like my year as a 19 year old was to write more.

And I’m honestly not doing it.

I’m journaling more often I guess, and writing for school but it’s really not all that substantial. I think that if I want to be a good writer I have to work out the kinks and maybe just do it (austin kleon always reminds me of that).
Today I read through his newsletter and I had to think about how honestly epic he is. And it’s just because he is constantly creating and consuming.

I will admit we both have pressures on time we have to create and consume, mine being school and sports and his being his son and events and family and all that important stuff. I just think that sometimes I need to focus less on what little time I have and more on the time I DO have. And use it for what I find useful.

I’m not all that productive- yet.
I just have to make little steps.

Like writing this blog post and then going back to studying for polish and not taking a break until I actually feel like I have learned more POLISH.

that’s it. yep.


It’s almost Halloween, maybe I’ll dress up as slightly more Shannon.

But probably not.