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a movie i saw.

i didn’t grow up in the 90’s. Like at all. I’m not even a 90’s baby.


That doesn’t mean that Jonah Hill’s mid90s didn’t strike a distinct chord in me. I felt the nostalgia but i also felt the humanity.
The film itself resembles an older movie, shot entirely on 16 mm film. The star of the film is debatably Stevie, portrayed by Sunny Suljic, but could easily be any member of the movie. That’s the thing.
Every character has a story you want to know more about, Stevie’s is simply the version you get.

The movie distinctly plays the characters solely from their relationship to Stevie. You don’t really see a scene without him being involved. It’s what he sees, what he does, who he’s with, and how he watches them live.


It’s a story about fitting in and growing up fast. It’s a story about family. It’s a story about love really, and it has a romantic ending, with the fruit of the character Fourth Grade’s labor finally coming through in a culminating film, something he has been making for the entirety of the movie. He makes his own movie. That was his goal, to be a filmmaker, and in his dream, we see the growth of his friends, their distinct place in the mid 90’s.

Hat’s off to Jonah Hill and the entirety of the creators of mid90s.

I know myself a little better know, how I fit in my friend group and how I don’t. I know my limits and I know that I can test them.

Maybe I can get hit a little harder so long as the right people are with me.  Maybe I can’t.

Go see the movie though.


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