A Little Bit of Me

“Blogging is cool, right?”-Not anybody I know

I decided to do this because I am bored. This will be a boring summer I suppose, unless I have a way to waste my time. This is my way of wasting time.

Someday I hope for a domain name of my own and probably some money and like a brick of sharp cheddar cheese.

This will be a fun activity for me to probably give up in a few weeks. I hope nobody from my school finds this…ever.

Reasons I started a blog:

I watched the movie “Ask Me Anything” starring Britt Robertson. I think it was supposed to encourage me to not blog.

I watch the show “Awkward”. Jenna annoys me I think.

I watch too many movies and TV shows. Watch Are You The One? On MTV if you don’t already.

I am confused about life in general.

This summer has been boring so far. Maybe a blog will make it less so.

I think I have commitment issues. Maybe a blog will make them less so.

I want to feel okay. I want to feel normal.

I want something to do.

It was midnight on the fourth of July.

EDIT: I made this post when I first began this blog, things have changed but most of the thoughts above are the same. I am also too lazy to write another about page.