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Why Wes Anderson is wonderful and I am not.

Wes Anderson has made some art.

This is a fact.

Moonrise Kingdom is one of my favorite movies. Fantastic Mr. Fox is honestly genius. The Grand Budapest Hotel can’t fail to make me happy.


fantastic mr fox
bogus bunce and bean

The issue is I do NOT like Owen Wilson, and he is in a lot of Wes Anderson films. So is Jason Schwartzman, but I love Jason Schwarztman.


Jason Schwartzmann
yay for jason//the best

I love his use of wide shots and then close ups. I love the symmetrical framing.I love the quick cuts. I love the characters in his movies. I love that I feel real emotions when I’m watching his movies.

He is the only director whose style I can really recognize, and I like that.

He is wonderful.

I say that I am not because I don’t think I can do what he does.

I can’t move people to emotion, unless that emotion is laughter or disdain I think.

I don’t really know how to create art, or what the best aspects of art are. I don’t understand how people are so creative to create wonderful and unique things like movies or books or paintings.

I will never be a complex Wes Anderson lead or even a minor clever or witty background character. I will just be a bitch that people don’t like because they don’t care to see my perspective or because, perhaps, I AM a bitch- which I guess would be okay




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Romantic Comedies.

There’s something that has always been captivating to me about romantic comedies. It’s distracting really, considering I should be doing my summer homework instead of watching Julia Roberts movies illegally online.

Speaking of, I am not sure that I like Julia Roberts. I don’t hate her, but I also don’t love her. I love Julia Stiles. 10 Things I Hate About You is maybe one of my favorite movies of all time.

The thing about it is, its predictable but all of the characters have a lot of heart and soul.

Young Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very much heart eyes emoji.


This is a very short post. Partially bored. Partially unclear what to post. Partially procrastination. Partially word vomit.

This was nice.


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The Mighty Ducks

Another post about another movie franchise I guess.

I just marathon watched all three movies. SO GOOD.

To be honest, I think it’s just because I love Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway, Pacey in Dawson’s Creek), but I also love how distinct every character is. None of them play the same, or dress the same, or say the same things. For child actors from the start, they were good.

I wish I could be like that, even it was my only film job ever. Just to be in a film franchise like that, to be like Marguerite Moreau- she played Connie Moreau.

I just thought it was so cool how their team had a girl on it, I mean Julie and Tammy played with the ducks but Connie was the only one who was with them the whole time.

I wish I could have seen what happened to characters, like Tammy, or the Hall twins after certain films… BUT I am glad that most of the kids did come back.

For instance, Adam Banks-whom I love.And Guy Germaine-whom I also love.

I really appreciate how little sense this post makes.

That’s all for now I guess.

Watch The Mighty Ducks. Epic films. Epic story.

Somewhat Shannon

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The Hunger Games

Recently, I have watched an excessive amount of Hunger Games and Catching Fire clips on Youtube.

I could just watch the full movie on a website somewhere but instead I just watch clips. It’s really bad.

I haven’t seen Mockingjay, partially because the book confused the hell out of me- and I figured the movie would be worse. I bet it isn’t. I will make my cousin marathon watch it with me later this summer. I’m gonna add that to the bucket list.

The concept of the Hunger Games is so cool to me. Also Ceaser Flickermann. Love. Him. So. Much. Peeta Mellark. JOSH HUTCHERSON.

ALSO, if you haven’t already WATCH the movie RV. Josh Hutcherson is so funny in it. Mainly because he is young and like attempting to be a cool street kid or something.

This is such a bad post I don’t know what I am thinking.


Shannon. Somewhat.